Save The Queen is a drinking board game, played by 2+ players. The game is royal themed & consists of an unmissable rainbow board, 56 uniquely punny cards, one rollable die, one flippable coin, one readable rule book and a few fun extras thrown in.

Hi, Josh here, creator of Save The Queen (with a huge amount of help from friends, thank you!).

Thanks so much for having a look at my webpage and having an interest in the party game.

If you know Snakes and Ladders, enjoyed the classic Ring of Fire and like a good pun, I’d say this game is right up your street!

I massively appreciate every single sale and you can grab yours via the Amazon button link above but if anything, please check out the Save The Queen Drinking Game promotional and how to play video.

Save The Queen drinking game started off when I was playing drunk Jenga at a hostel, where every block you pull has a different drinking rule or game on it. The two games in one, (Jenga and the drinking blocks) had us hooked and it got me thinking, ‘what else is out there that is like this’.

After a little unsuccessful search, I decided I’d get some A4 paper and very crudely design a similar board game version of what I’d played. Save The Queen’s main game is a Snakes and Ladders theme, the secondary game is after every die roll the player must pick up an action card and complete it to end their turn, simulating the two games in one combo. There is a third element, taken from Ring of Fire whereby a full glass is place in the middle four crown squares of the board, anyone who lands here must drink the contents!

From starting on paper in April 2019, to prototype and then to using printers, the final product is complete!

After many many many many iterations, I’m really happy with the outcome and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I creating it.

Have a look at the photo, top left is the original paper design. Top right you can see a massive improvement from the designs, it was printed using a household printer. Bottom is the finished product, you’ll notice illustrations for the characters on the board and the print quality is 10x better!

Imagine Snakes & Ladders
Now remove the ladders
Add Ring of Fire… On steroids
Attach a theme, Royalty!

Play as a team. Royals are snakes. The middle squares (Crown Court) holds the dirty pint (Queens Cup), landing here is punishable by drink. Save the Queen and be crowned champion!

To end your turn you must pick up and play a card. These cards include mini-games, challenges & drinking rules. Some cards will pin you against your team mates & others will assist your drunken quest!