Helpful Links for a Drinking Board Game

Here are some links that I found useful when creating a Drinking Board Game:

Your Virtual Office London PO Box – a PO box so you don’t have to use your own house address.

Remove BG – A website that allows you to remove a background from a photo for free. Take a photo of your product, remove the background to add to sites like Etsy etc.

Wheel of Names – A tool that allows you to input names and pick a random winner which is especially good for giveaways and competitions.

Pixygames Blog – This detailed blog tells you everything you need to know about setting up a board game.

Stonemaier Games Kickstarter Blog – An extensive list of valuable information and experiences setting up a Kickstarter campaign.

Google Digital Garage – Google has an abundance of free courses available on it’s digital garage, the course Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is useful and as a bonus it includes a free Open University certificate.

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