TikTok Ideas for a Drinking Board Game

A list of potential videos to create on TikTok:

  1. Showing the game, unboxing – use tripod, stop motion,
  2. Board game tests alcohol proof cards and board
  3. how to play match box drinking game – explain this game
  4. how to play save the queen drinking game – explain game
  5. how to play ride the bus drinking game
  6. how to play ring of fire with card rules
  7. how to play drink as you think
  8. creating a full blown drinking game – show both old and new boards and cards as the start of vid, create a list 1. Pen and paper, 2. Play test 3. Design 4. Templates 5. Prototype 6. Print
  9. Alcohol tactics for drinking games
  10. How to get drunk playing drinking games
  11. Royal facts UK letterboxes, Royal favourite drinks, random facts, Rex/Regina etc
  12. Giveaway and competitions
  13. Lockdown Lingo, tiered, tiery, quarantini, tierdom,
  14. Polls, ‘have a quess’ after 3 seconds show a countdown timer and reveal the answer
  15. How to make a board game
  16. What’s a message you’ve sent to the wrong person (not drink related?)
  17. E G explanation (tapping on chest after downing a drink)
  18. How to play matchbox
  19. How to play save the queen
  20. How to play mushroom
  21. PPE product testing, like a science experiment
  22. Choose your fighter but they are the royals

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