Setting up a Social Media Calendar

*Update: I now post daily to TikTok, I redistribute that video to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts to cover those areas. I will post one Instagram Story a day and will create an Instagram post once a week.

A calendar that helps you schedule your posts in advance. This is what I use for weekly reminders and annual events to keep me on track.

Weekly basis reminders – I have created the below in my phone using the free reminders app. Setting reminders helps you remain organised creating a notification that prompts you to take action. The reminders you create dictate what you do and when, in my reminders below you can see I have planned out the week so that I complete a different task on different days.

Annual Reminders for specific events work in the same way, you can set these via your phones calendar app or create a social media calendar. There are plenty of templates with one quick Google search, alternatively you can use a pre-created sheet on Excel named ‘Social Media Content Manager’.

Here are examples of dates Save The Queen Drinking Game uses to schedule posts throughout the year:

  • Queen’s birthday/Trooping the Colour – a Saturday in June
  • Queen’s actual birthday – 21st April
  • The Duke of Edinburgh birthday – 10th June
  • The Prince of Wales birthday – 14th November
  • The Duchess of Cornwall birthday – 17th July
  • The Duke of Cambridge birthday – 21st June
  • The Duchess of Cambridge birthday – 9th January
  • The Duke of Sussex birthday – 15th September
  • Duchess of Sussex – 4th August
  • Royal events and ceremonies
  • National Drink Beer Day – 3rd December
  • National Drink Wine Day – 18th February
  • Board game events

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