Giveaway and Competition tips and ideas

A list of quick tips, tricks and ideas:

  1. Do giveaways Monday to Friday, 5 days is a short enough deadline to look forward to and encourages urgency.
  2. Insights indicate that weekends show low impression rate, potentially people are doing things and not scrolling Instagram.
  3. Put a deadline in the title, this clearly shows the giveaway/competition is time limited and helps any viewer know if they can apply or not, it also shows a time pressure.
  4. Utilise giveaways/competitions to acquire market research, e.g. tag a friend and say what your favourite drinking game is, favourite tea dunking biscuit etc.
  5. Partner with other drinking games to giveaway both games and follow both accounts, this helps to merge followers from each others accounts that have the same interest.
  6. Target direct audience with ads, for example targeting U.K. students, choose U.K, age range 18/22.

Giveaway/Competition ideas for Save the Queen Drinking Game:

  • Competition idea: guess the coins in a stein.
  • Competition idea: guess the amount of beermats.
  • Participation idea, tag favourite alcohol brand, try to open get the other accounts attention as they will receive notifications.
  • Like, comment and share to story, sharing to story provides hundreds of views, tagging friends is more personal but targets a smaller audience.
  • Try a mystery giveaway and use insights to see if that acquires better engagement.

Giveaway/Competition prize ideas for Save the Queen Drinking Game:

  • Queen facemask
  • Save the Queen Board game
  • Full sized queen or any royal family cutout
  • Royalty printed mugs
  • Tiara
  • Chalice
  • U.K. party photo booth props
  • U.K. bunting
  • Royal face masks
  • Royal robes
  • Crown Jewels
  • Alcohol
  • Party kit bundle including items from the list above

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