Instagram Techniques for a Drinking Board Game

Here is a list of Instagram Techniques I have picked up from my Drinking Board Game Save the Queen.

  1. Always do at least 2 photos on a post, this will give you double exposure. If the viewer does not swipe to second photo Instagram may resurface showing the second photo later down the homepage.

2. Comment on large accounts as soon as they post to try get top comment, you can choose to receive reminders when they post to ensure you get there first. You can acquire a large amount of likes on your comment and other people may engage on your comment which potentially opens up a conversation. The hope of this technique is for the accounts that like your comment to follow you. In my experience, you could acquire about 1% followers of the comments likers, so for a funny or insightful comment that gets you 1000 likes you may get 10 followers. A positive point about these particular followers is that you know they are engaging as they have looked at the comments section of a post and liked it rather than scrolled passed.

3. On Instagram stories, input an activity to gamify your account. You can play games like this or that or would you rather. Do this by splitting pictures relevant to your page, then put a poll and use emoji of arrows pointing up and down or left and right for your audience to vote. For board games you could ask if your audience prefers monopoly or scrabble. For drinking games you could ask if your audience prefers beer or wine. If you use particular businesses in the poll, make sure to tag them as they will receive a notification and it could open up a conversation. There are less formal versions of this, for example Save the Queen Drinking Game will do would you rather story polls like, ‘Would you rather lick the Queens feet or eat Charles’ bogeys’. The positive from this technique is the insights you can acquire, an Instagram Story with an action will provide you with your followers reactions, this helps you find out who is engaging with your account.

4. Be supportive to other creators, instead of thinking they are your competition, the best individuals to learn from are accounts within your own industry, they can show you what works and how to drive the best results. Look to a brand that is larger than yourself, watch their marketing strategy and copy what works for you. People are usually willing to chat so don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation.

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