Generic Market Research for a drinking board game

This is a list of initial pointers that could be taken into account when setting up a drinking board game.

  1. Acquire insights from giveaways and Competitions, you may receive 100 followers but will those followers engage and ultimately buy your product?
  2. Do or Drink have a card in their box requesting to take a photo of the box and tag the Instagram account to be in a chance to win $1000 every month. Do or Drink have 300k+ followers on Instagram and have sold many games.
  3. Create meme posts, try to get larger accounts to repost your meme, tag your logo in the post if you can.
  4. Be the first to comment on larger accounts and try to acquire likes on that comment in the hope that you get some followers.
  5. Find influencers to play your game, an easy way to find these is by looking to other larger accounts to see who they have used.
  6. Ask for customers videos and photos to use as posts of gameplay.
  7. Use flash sales on events like the Queen’s birthday, put a countdown timer on to let people know.
  8. On competitions, try to get the audience involved in something fun. A bonus is if everyone wins something rather than one winner and 99% of losers. An example could be a competition to guess how many bottle caps, if the answer is guessed correctly a discount code of 50% your shop will be provided.

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