Instagram Promoted Giveaway #1 Insights

Save the Queen Drinking Game giveaway #1 insights and learnings below.

Here are the details:

Giveaway #1 was a purple background with the board and the 2 instructions (follow & comment) of what was needed to enter the giveaway and win a free game. I did this so when the promoted post was seen it would show how easy it is to be in a chance to win. My thoughts were that tagging your drinking buddy is personal and that individual would hopefully be interested in the game or giveaway also, creating a knock on effect where the comments and friends tagged grew. I spent £25 on the promotion over 5 days, I had around 1300 followers at the time, here are the results.

Post Insights:

  • 102 likes, not an ask of the giveaway (nice bonus)
  • 286 comments, was an ask of the giveaway
  • ~10 shares, not an ask of the giveaway
  • 100 new followers
  • 1 purchase

Promotion Metrics:

  • Promotion Clicks – 122
  • Visit Profile – 249 (48% from promotion)
  • Visit Website – 2 (0% from promotion)
  • 5,839 people reached, 92% weren’t following you, 83% came from promotion
  • 7571 impressions, 74% from promotion
  • Follow from promotion 10
  • Audience – 52% men, 48% women, age range 18-24, UK


  • Don’t wait until the end to log all the names down, do it daily
  • Women tag more than men
  • I found what I like to call giveawayers, accounts made purely to win anything and everything, they are most likely not interested in your product. I exclude these accounts from any giveaways
  • I found waiting a day after people had tagged their friends, if you follow the tagged mates they are likely to follow you back and potentially get involved in the giveaway.

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