Instagram Promoted Giveaway #2 Insights

Save the Queen Drinking Game giveaway #2 insights and learnings below.

Here are the details:

Giveaway #2 was a collaboration between Save the Queen and Gibbos Games. The image had the title of Panvalencake Day Giveaway, the day between valentines and pancake day. Under the title was an image of the 3 games that were being given away surrounded by UK bunting. No details in the image of what to do to enter the giveaway, in the text it stated to enter to follow both accounts, like the post and share to your story. I wanted to experiment away from the first giveaway and try using stories rather than comments, the thought being that a comment adds a notification to 1 individual but a story is viewed by hundreds of your friends in one go. The idea was the more eyes on the giveaway the higher percentage of people following and entering. I spent £25 on the promotion over 5 days, I had around 1400 followers at the time, here are the results.

Post Insights:

  • 63 likes, was an ask of the giveaway
  • 14 comments, not an ask of the giveaway
  • 21 shares to story: 6 non customers, 10 customers (friends), 5 giveawayers
  • Less than 10 new followers
  • 1 purchase

Promotion Metrics:

  • Promotion Clicks – 58
  • Visit Profile – 100 (58% from promotion)
  • Visit Website – 1 (0% from promotion)
  • 9,352 people reached, 94% weren’t following you, 92% came from promotion
  • 11,200 impressions, 84% from promotion
  • Follow from promotion 1
  • Audience – 74% men, 26% women, age range 18-34, UK


  • Doing a giveaway around a holiday may get lost in the noise
  • Most follows were from giveawayers with their additional giveawayer accounts
  • Sharing to story acquired more visibility but less action/conversion
  • Next giveaway promote to women only, 74% audience men, 58 promotion clicks
  • Insert instructions into next giveaway, minimalistic, provide end date in the post to get a sense of urgency
  • Gibbos Games received small following, try giving game for the other account to promote

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