Instagram Giveaway for a board game #3 insights

Save the Queen drinking board game giveaway #3 insights and learnings.

Here are the details:

Giveaway #3 was a joint drinking games venture, giving away 10 games from 5 drinking game businesses. The image was all the games and ‘Game Bundle Giveaway ‘ in the middle of the picture. In the text it expressed 10 games, worth £170, instructions on how to win, tag/follow/optional share for more entries with the accounts below to click the links to follow. Below that was a list to show the prizes and the giveaway end date. £X was spent using promotion, I had 1453 followers at the time, here are the results:

Post Insights:

  • New Followers: 80
  • Likes: 173
  • Comments: 314
  • Shares: Unknown
  • Purchases: 0


  • As the giveaway was joint between the other drinking games, I’d expect the new followers to have come from those accounts and be interested in drinking games.
  • Giveaways do not convert into sales
  • Perception of followers will be there is no point to purchase if there’s an expectation of getting it for free
  • Created 1 winner and 89 losers, could cause frustration, how do we get everyone to be a winner
  • I want to move to competitions whereby if the collective audience gets the answer correct then the whole community wins discount off the game. Can I utilise this to create a discount code in Etsy to give everyone 25% off?
  • The goal is to have meaningful connections rather than superficial associations.

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