How to play God Save The Queen Drinking Game

God Save the Queen is a British drinking game where you take a sterling coin and flip, throw or drop it into another’s drink and shout “God save the Queen”. The owner of the beverage must down the drink in order to save the Queen from drowning, the perk being they are now in possession of the coin and can use it on someone else. Some groups play with a £2 in aid of contributing to the players next pint!

There is a drink board game named Save the Queen that incorporates God Save the Queen rules, Snakes and Ladders and Ring of Fire amongst other merged in drinking games. It utilises the same sterling coin, a deck of cards with challenges/drinking games on every turn, played on a snakes and ladders like board.

The Save the Queen element is a glass named the ‘Queen’s Cup’ that is placed in the middle of the board game. If you land on one of the four squares named the ‘Crowns Court’ you drink the contents of the Queen’s Cup, there are action cards that also incorporate the Queen’s Cup into the gameplay.

The Snakes and Ladders element is the board design itself, the snakes are replaced with the 7 Royals and there are no helpful ladders in this game.

The Ring of Fire element is based on the action cards, there are 42 unique action cards in Save the Queen Drinking Game, within these you’ll be playing mini-games like drink as you think, entering challenges like staring contests and battling rule cards like Question Master.

The main play is on the board however the action cards pull the group into various offset games meaning the overall game has layers of entertainment.

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