What is Save The Party Game’s Value Proposition?

  • Saving the party games market by bringing themed drinking game’s to your table.

Party and drinking games are great fun but there seems to be a continuous rinse and repeat approach to them. Drinking games are being copied over and over with the few tweaks of designs here and there to mix them up. I want to put a shift into the market and bring some party life back into pre-drinks! That’s why my brand is called Save The Party game, the whole idea is to get people away from playing the bog standard.

Save The Party game creates themed drinking games, where you’ll find puns, actions and challenges all based around that particular theme. As I write this post I have created Save The Queen, a royal themed drinking game and Save The 90’s, a 90’s themed drinking game. I have many more planned in the near future! Every card you pull in these games is unique and in one way or another is tailored to the theme itself.

If you’re reading this, cheers for being here, if you’d like to check out my games please visit the home page or have a look at the funny promotional video below.

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