Creating a Drinking Game Promo Video

To create a promotional video for your drinking game you’ll need a couple of things but first and foremost is the talented individual or individuals that are going to piece everything together, they have the skills necessary to create the masterpiece. I have none of these skills but luckily for me I have a fantastic designer who was able to cover off all angles.

For us, we started by breaking down what we already had and that was the game itself. We were able to strip back the game to it’s key elements, once those foundations were identified we could start to navigate what the script would be. For Save the Queen, I identified the basics as the introduction to the game, how to play and key details that needed to be included. Delving deeper into the details we decided to ensure the main points are mentioned without going to far into detail and ensuring the video was snappy and had some jokes thrown in for good measure.

Once laid out, we started work on the script, weaving the plot of the information around jokes to keep the audience entertained. For us, the script and voice over came first, then the imaging and timing.

One of the main pointers we kept going back to was ensuring we stuck to the outlined start/middle/end. There were many times we diverted away and added more and more seconds to our video but sticking to the core, we were able to keep it as streamlined as possible!

If you are interested in looking at some of my drinking games, please check the links below! Save the Queen is Snakes & Ladders and Ring of Fire merged together and Save the 90s is a themed drinking game, bringing in all the nostalgia!

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