How To Make A Drinking Game Board

Making a drinking board game can be easy, follow the steps below and you’ll have yourself something to give a go for your next pre-drinks!

  • Grab yourself some paper, pens, tape, dice and tokens
  • Put 2 pieces of A4 together and tape down the middle to make an A3 sheet
  • Turn it over so the tape is now on the bottom
  • Draw a path on the paper with a Start and a Finish
  • Split the path into sections, giving enough space for you to write clearly in
  • Write different games, challenges and drinking rules into the spaces, make sure to mix it up
  • Make tokens out of anything around you, a good one to go for is bottle tops
  • Roll your dice or use a dice app and move the tokens
  • Land on the spaces you have made and play the drinking games while you all make your way to be the first to finish!

Here are some drinking game examples you can use:

  • Arm Wrestle, loser drinks
  • Staring Contest, loser drinks
  • Smiling Contest, loser drinks
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors, loser drinks
  • Thumb war, loser drinks

If you’d like to try one of the drinking games I created, click one of the buttons below!

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