How To Play Matchbox Drinking Game

  • Grab one matchbox full of matches
  • Make sure you are drinking from pint glasses
  • Sit/stand round a table
  • Start by positioning your pints at a fingers length into the table
  • Then, throw the matchbox from below the top of the pint glass, over the drink and on to the table
  • The matchbox must rotate at least once over the glass, you can rotate it forwards or backwards
  • The aim is to land the matchbox on it’s side rather than flat
  • If it lands on the longer length side you pass on 2 drinks, if it lands on the shorter length side you pass on 4 drinks, if it lands flat you pass on 0 drinks
  • The next person will then have the chance to top up the drinks you’ve passed by landing the matchbox on its side. If they land it flat they must drink the totalled up drinks.
  • Additional rules of the game include:
  • If you throw the matchbox off the table, you down your drink
  • If you land the matchbox in your drink, you down your drink
  • For every match that flies out of the matchbox whilst on your turn, you take one drink
  • If you pass the matchbox to another player, you can say “acceptance”, the player that took the matchbox from you must drink.
  • There is no winner, just keep going round in a group until you’re all done or until you’ve ruined the matchbox.

If you’re into great drinking games, try one of the ones that I created. I have created a drinking board game that mixes Snakes & Ladders and Ring of Fire and a 90s themed game that is the game for nostalgiaholics! You can find them on the buttons below.

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