Indie game creator, after my first year operating as a games company what I would tell myself a year ago

Firstly, start small, I went in to create a board game and they are a lot of work! It’s only until later on that you realise that board games are also quite expensive to make during production. As for a drinking board game, I realised that people don’t want to bring a whole board game to a party, smaller pocket sized games are easy to pick up and play.

My second piece of advise to myself would be to change the first theme, I went for a equality themed game and soon after production realised that the people of the U.K. are not into buying royal themed games! My other themed games like my 90s one aRe much more of a hit, it’s all a learning curve!

Thirdly, go for card games. They are cheaper to make and the margin on them and the volume of sales due to their smaller price point are much higher than board games.

The fourth advice id give myself is even as the cost is higher, opt for the lower game numbers e.g buy 100 games not 1000! Spending all your savings on a big risk puts immense pressure on you to sell! especially when if it is a side hustle.

The fifth piece of advice would be to go for a larger accountancy firm. Going with a smaller accountant I had troubles and ended paying fines to HMRC because of it!

Another point I’d say to myself is that smaller games are quicker to design and make and usually quicker and easy for printing companies as well. So if you want a quick turnaround of games like me, definitely go down the card game route.

Lastly, I hate filming myself but you need to get on Tiktok and Instagram and film everything you do. Help the community around you and show the people what you do, everyone loves creativity and they’ll buy into your personality and subsequently your products.

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