Tips I learnt when setting up Etsy for my drinking games

Change your shipping from domestic to international! – This was by far the biggest change for me. I had previously set up my games for domestic shipping only (I’m UK based), thinking that no one would pay for delivery as we live in a very free delivery era. From the point I included an international shipping option my impressions and sales started to steadily rise month on month and now 80% of my orders get shipped to the US and Canada. I will caveat this by saying, my card games are small and the delivery only comes to around £10, if you have a large product (like my board game) the shipping will be costly and individuals will be less likely to pay out for it.

Create click-bait products – Probably an easy one but from my experience I currently have 2 products, a Queen themed board game and a 90’s themed card game. 99% of my sales are for the 90s game and that’s purely based on what people are searching, most of my interest comes from individuals that may be looking for a 90s themed party or 90s clothing and via that, they’ll stumble onto my game and with luck hopefully buy it! If you make your product something that is already being searched for, you put yourself in a great position. I learnt the hard way that my Queen themed game wasn’t going to make traction purely based on the fact there aren’t many people searching for that term.

Take a photo for your Etsy customers – Something I’ve started doing is sending my customers a photo of their package being posted in the post box with their name on. It’s no hassle for me and it’s a personable way of saying thanks. I’ve ordered on Etsy before and know that many people automate messages or copy and paste them to the customer. With a personalised photo, the customer knows it’s just for them and I think it’s a nice touch.

Etsy is better than Amazon – From a seller perspective, Etsy is extremely simple to use and is outstanding compared to Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon is a mammoth company that many individuals shop at so there’s no way anyone would be able to not use them. Etsy can be very personable, you can talk with your buyers and create a relationship instantly. I’d recommend speaking with every one of your buyers to say thank you for their purchase.

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