How To Make A Drinking Game Board

Making a drinking board game can be easy, follow the steps below and you’ll have yourself something to give a go for your next pre-drinks! Grab yourself some paper, pens, tape, dice and tokens Put 2 pieces of A4 together and tape down the middle to make an A3 sheet Turn it over so theContinue reading “How To Make A Drinking Game Board”

Creating a Drinking Game Promo Video

To create a promotional video for your drinking game you’ll need a couple of things but first and foremost is the talented individual or individuals that are going to piece everything together, they have the skills necessary to create the masterpiece. I have none of these skills but luckily for me I have a fantasticContinue reading “Creating a Drinking Game Promo Video”

How To Play Matchbox Drinking Game

Grab one matchbox full of matches Make sure you are drinking from pint glasses Sit/stand round a table Start by positioning your pints at a fingers length into the table Then, throw the matchbox from below the top of the pint glass, over the drink and on to the table The matchbox must rotate atContinue reading “How To Play Matchbox Drinking Game”

How To Make A Homemade Drinking Game

What’s great about drinking games is that the rules are simple, they usually involve a task a player has to complete, if that player is unable to do so, they drink instead. There are many variations of this however it’s the base line of most drinking games. So how do you make your own drinkingContinue reading “How To Make A Homemade Drinking Game”

Watch God Save The Queen Video

God Save the Queen game is a party game. This party game can be played by 2+ players, adults only! God Save the Queen game is a board game that has 1 board, 56 unique cards, a dice, a token and a rulebook. The game involves saving the Queen, which is the token, from theContinue reading “Watch God Save The Queen Video”

What is Save The Party Game’s Value Proposition?

Saving the party games market by bringing themed drinking game’s to your table. Party and drinking games are great fun but there seems to be a continuous rinse and repeat approach to them. Drinking games are being copied over and over with the few tweaks of designs here and there to mix them up. IContinue reading “What is Save The Party Game’s Value Proposition?”

How to play God Save The Queen Drinking Game

God Save the Queen is a British drinking game where you take a sterling coin and flip, throw or drop it into another’s drink and shout “God save the Queen”. The owner of the beverage must down the drink in order to save the Queen from drowning, the perk being they are now in possessionContinue reading “How to play God Save The Queen Drinking Game”

Instagram Giveaway for a board game #3 insights

Save the Queen drinking board game giveaway #3 insights and learnings. Here are the details: Giveaway #3 was a joint drinking games venture, giving away 10 games from 5 drinking game businesses. The image was all the games and ‘Game Bundle Giveaway ‘ in the middle of the picture. In the text it expressed 10Continue reading “Instagram Giveaway for a board game #3 insights”

Instagram Promoted Giveaway #2 Insights

Save the Queen Drinking Game giveaway #2 insights and learnings below. Here are the details: Giveaway #2 was a collaboration between Save the Queen and Gibbos Games. The image had the title of Panvalencake Day Giveaway, the day between valentines and pancake day. Under the title was an image of the 3 games that wereContinue reading “Instagram Promoted Giveaway #2 Insights”

Instagram Promoted Giveaway #1 Insights

Save the Queen Drinking Game giveaway #1 insights and learnings below. Here are the details: Giveaway #1 was a purple background with the board and the 2 instructions (follow & comment) of what was needed to enter the giveaway and win a free game. I did this so when the promoted post was seen itContinue reading “Instagram Promoted Giveaway #1 Insights”