How to play Save The Noughties Drinking Game

Save the Noughties is so easy to pick up and play card drinking game. All you need is the deck of cards and you’re good to go! If you want to get your hands on this drinking game click on the button below!

Here’s how to play:

  • Grab your pals in a circle
  • Put the deck in the middle
  • Pick up a card and read out the instruction
  • Each card has a different game, rule or challenge
  • Complete the action on the card and end your turn
  • The person to your left goes next and copies the above steps
  • There is no overall winner, this is a casual game that brings back 90s nostalgia
  • If you make your way through the whole deck, you are all winners!

Tips I learnt when setting up Etsy for my drinking games

Change your shipping from domestic to international! – This was by far the biggest change for me. I had previously set up my games for domestic shipping only (I’m UK based), thinking that no one would pay for delivery as we live in a very free delivery era. From the point I included an international shipping option my impressions and sales started to steadily rise month on month and now 80% of my orders get shipped to the US and Canada. I will caveat this by saying, my card games are small and the delivery only comes to around £10, if you have a large product (like my board game) the shipping will be costly and individuals will be less likely to pay out for it.

Create click-bait products – Probably an easy one but from my experience I currently have 2 products, a Queen themed board game and a 90’s themed card game. 99% of my sales are for the 90s game and that’s purely based on what people are searching, most of my interest comes from individuals that may be looking for a 90s themed party or 90s clothing and via that, they’ll stumble onto my game and with luck hopefully buy it! If you make your product something that is already being searched for, you put yourself in a great position. I learnt the hard way that my Queen themed game wasn’t going to make traction purely based on the fact there aren’t many people searching for that term.

Take a photo for your Etsy customers – Something I’ve started doing is sending my customers a photo of their package being posted in the post box with their name on. It’s no hassle for me and it’s a personable way of saying thanks. I’ve ordered on Etsy before and know that many people automate messages or copy and paste them to the customer. With a personalised photo, the customer knows it’s just for them and I think it’s a nice touch.

Etsy is better than Amazon – From a seller perspective, Etsy is extremely simple to use and is outstanding compared to Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon is a mammoth company that many individuals shop at so there’s no way anyone would be able to not use them. Etsy can be very personable, you can talk with your buyers and create a relationship instantly. I’d recommend speaking with every one of your buyers to say thank you for their purchase.

Indie game creator, after my first year operating as a games company what I would tell myself a year ago

Firstly, start small, I went in to create a board game and they are a lot of work! It’s only until later on that you realise that board games are also quite expensive to make during production. As for a drinking board game, I realised that people don’t want to bring a whole board game to a party, smaller pocket sized games are easy to pick up and play.

My second piece of advise to myself would be to change the first theme, I went for a equality themed game and soon after production realised that the people of the U.K. are not into buying royal themed games! My other themed games like my 90s one aRe much more of a hit, it’s all a learning curve!

Thirdly, go for card games. They are cheaper to make and the margin on them and the volume of sales due to their smaller price point are much higher than board games.

The fourth advice id give myself is even as the cost is higher, opt for the lower game numbers e.g buy 100 games not 1000! Spending all your savings on a big risk puts immense pressure on you to sell! especially when if it is a side hustle.

The fifth piece of advice would be to go for a larger accountancy firm. Going with a smaller accountant I had troubles and ended paying fines to HMRC because of it!

Another point I’d say to myself is that smaller games are quicker to design and make and usually quicker and easy for printing companies as well. So if you want a quick turnaround of games like me, definitely go down the card game route.

Lastly, I hate filming myself but you need to get on Tiktok and Instagram and film everything you do. Help the community around you and show the people what you do, everyone loves creativity and they’ll buy into your personality and subsequently your products.

How to play the 90’s drinking game

Save the 90’s is so easy to pick up and play card drinking game. All you need is the deck of cards and you’re good to go! If you want to get your hands on this drinking game click on the button below!

Here’s how to play:

  • Grab your pals in a circle
  • Put the deck in the middle
  • Pick up a card and read out the instruction
  • Each card has a different game, rule or challenge
  • Complete the action on the card and end your turn
  • The person to your left goes next and copies the above steps
  • There is no overall winner, this is a casual game that brings back 90s nostalgia
  • If you make your way through the whole deck, you are all winners!

How To Make A Drinking Game Board

Making a drinking board game can be easy, follow the steps below and you’ll have yourself something to give a go for your next pre-drinks!

  • Grab yourself some paper, pens, tape, dice and tokens
  • Put 2 pieces of A4 together and tape down the middle to make an A3 sheet
  • Turn it over so the tape is now on the bottom
  • Draw a path on the paper with a Start and a Finish
  • Split the path into sections, giving enough space for you to write clearly in
  • Write different games, challenges and drinking rules into the spaces, make sure to mix it up
  • Make tokens out of anything around you, a good one to go for is bottle tops
  • Roll your dice or use a dice app and move the tokens
  • Land on the spaces you have made and play the drinking games while you all make your way to be the first to finish!

Here are some drinking game examples you can use:

  • Arm Wrestle, loser drinks
  • Staring Contest, loser drinks
  • Smiling Contest, loser drinks
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors, loser drinks
  • Thumb war, loser drinks

If you’d like to try one of the drinking games I created, click one of the buttons below!

Creating a Drinking Game Promo Video

To create a promotional video for your drinking game you’ll need a couple of things but first and foremost is the talented individual or individuals that are going to piece everything together, they have the skills necessary to create the masterpiece. I have none of these skills but luckily for me I have a fantastic designer who was able to cover off all angles.

For us, we started by breaking down what we already had and that was the game itself. We were able to strip back the game to it’s key elements, once those foundations were identified we could start to navigate what the script would be. For Save the Queen, I identified the basics as the introduction to the game, how to play and key details that needed to be included. Delving deeper into the details we decided to ensure the main points are mentioned without going to far into detail and ensuring the video was snappy and had some jokes thrown in for good measure.

Once laid out, we started work on the script, weaving the plot of the information around jokes to keep the audience entertained. For us, the script and voice over came first, then the imaging and timing.

One of the main pointers we kept going back to was ensuring we stuck to the outlined start/middle/end. There were many times we diverted away and added more and more seconds to our video but sticking to the core, we were able to keep it as streamlined as possible!

If you are interested in looking at some of my drinking games, please check the links below! Save the Queen is Snakes & Ladders and Ring of Fire merged together and Save the 90s is a themed drinking game, bringing in all the nostalgia!

How To Play Matchbox Drinking Game

  • Grab one matchbox full of matches
  • Make sure you are drinking from pint glasses
  • Sit/stand round a table
  • Start by positioning your pints at a fingers length into the table
  • Then, throw the matchbox from below the top of the pint glass, over the drink and on to the table
  • The matchbox must rotate at least once over the glass, you can rotate it forwards or backwards
  • The aim is to land the matchbox on it’s side rather than flat
  • If it lands on the longer length side you pass on 2 drinks, if it lands on the shorter length side you pass on 4 drinks, if it lands flat you pass on 0 drinks
  • The next person will then have the chance to top up the drinks you’ve passed by landing the matchbox on its side. If they land it flat they must drink the totalled up drinks.
  • Additional rules of the game include:
  • If you throw the matchbox off the table, you down your drink
  • If you land the matchbox in your drink, you down your drink
  • For every match that flies out of the matchbox whilst on your turn, you take one drink
  • If you pass the matchbox to another player, you can say “acceptance”, the player that took the matchbox from you must drink.
  • There is no winner, just keep going round in a group until you’re all done or until you’ve ruined the matchbox.

If you’re into great drinking games, try one of the ones that I created. I have created a drinking board game that mixes Snakes & Ladders and Ring of Fire and a 90s themed game that is the game for nostalgiaholics! You can find them on the buttons below.

How To Make A Homemade Drinking Game

What’s great about drinking games is that the rules are simple, they usually involve a task a player has to complete, if that player is unable to do so, they drink instead. There are many variations of this however it’s the base line of most drinking games.

So how do you make your own drinking game at home? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper/Card
  • Pen/Pencil

Grab your pen and paper and get writing some rules, it’s as easy as that! You can copy the classics or make up your own or both! Once your done you can make some other rules but to start I suggest the only rule being pick up a card and play.

Watch God Save The Queen Video

God Save the Queen game is a party game. This party game can be played by 2+ players, adults only! God Save the Queen game is a board game that has 1 board, 56 unique cards, a dice, a token and a rulebook. The game involves saving the Queen, which is the token, from the mucky royals, who are spread out across the board, if you land on one they take you back down the board.

The God Save the Queen video explains all the rules and what you’ll be getting up to when you play. The hilarious video will take you through the the board, some examples of cards and a meet and greet with the royals.

What is Save The Party Game’s Value Proposition?

  • Saving the party games market by bringing themed drinking game’s to your table.

Party and drinking games are great fun but there seems to be a continuous rinse and repeat approach to them. Drinking games are being copied over and over with the few tweaks of designs here and there to mix them up. I want to put a shift into the market and bring some party life back into pre-drinks! That’s why my brand is called Save The Party game, the whole idea is to get people away from playing the bog standard.

Save The Party game creates themed drinking games, where you’ll find puns, actions and challenges all based around that particular theme. As I write this post I have created Save The Queen, a royal themed drinking game and Save The 90’s, a 90’s themed drinking game. I have many more planned in the near future! Every card you pull in these games is unique and in one way or another is tailored to the theme itself.

If you’re reading this, cheers for being here, if you’d like to check out my games please visit the home page or have a look at the funny promotional video below.