Save the Queen Kickstarter Stretch Goals

List of potential ideas for Kickstarter Stretch Goals:

  • Quality of material upgrade, waterproof cards
  • Addition of a branded Queens Cup
  • Purple Dice instead of white
  • Addition of branded Beermats
  • Addition of bunting/flag
  • Addition of Queen mask
  • Addition branded bottle opener
  • Addition of branded coaster bottle opener

TikTok Ideas for a Drinking Board Game

A list of potential videos to create on TikTok:

  1. Showing the game, unboxing – use tripod, stop motion,
  2. Board game tests alcohol proof cards and board
  3. how to play match box drinking game – explain this game
  4. how to play save the queen drinking game – explain game
  5. how to play ride the bus drinking game
  6. how to play ring of fire with card rules
  7. how to play drink as you think
  8. creating a full blown drinking game – show both old and new boards and cards as the start of vid, create a list 1. Pen and paper, 2. Play test 3. Design 4. Templates 5. Prototype 6. Print
  9. Alcohol tactics for drinking games
  10. How to get drunk playing drinking games
  11. Royal facts UK letterboxes, Royal favourite drinks, random facts, Rex/Regina etc
  12. Giveaway and competitions
  13. Lockdown Lingo, tiered, tiery, quarantini, tierdom,
  14. Polls, ‘have a quess’ after 3 seconds show a countdown timer and reveal the answer
  15. How to make a board game
  16. What’s a message you’ve sent to the wrong person (not drink related?)
  17. E G explanation (tapping on chest after downing a drink)
  18. How to play matchbox
  19. How to play save the queen
  20. How to play mushroom
  21. PPE product testing, like a science experiment
  22. Choose your fighter but they are the royals

Instagram Competition or Giveaway Template

‘Name’ is giving away one ‘Product’ – How to enter:

  1. Make sure to follow us ‘@name’ (utilise this for follower increase
  2. Like & share this post to your story and make sure to tag us ‘@name’ so we get a message (utilise for account reach)
  3. Comment your favourite ‘XYZ’ (utilise this for primary research of your audience & to boost content interactions)

UK residents only (if needed). Giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram. Giveaway ends ‘time & timezone’.

Example 1:

Save the Queen is giving away one of the drinking games, let’s brighten up this Monday! Here’s how to enter:

1. Make sure to follow us @savethedrinkinggame

2. Tag a fellow drinker in the comments

It would be amazing if you share this to help me get the word out! I’ll pop the names into a randomiser and share the winner next Monday 18th 🍻

U.K. residents only. Giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram.

Example 2.


We are super excited to be giving away this massive bundle of 10 drinking games worth £. (may or may not have worth)


* TAG your friends (each tag is one entry)

* FOLLOW the game accounts below

* Optional: Share for 5 entries, tag me in the story

🔵 @savethedrinkinggame

⚫️ @crunkcards


⚫️ @gutterheadgame

🟢 @gibbosgames

The prizes are:

1 x Say What?!

1 x Card Abuse

1 x Dirty Hunters

1 x Sick Stories

1 x Save the Queen

1 x Crunkcards

1 x Gutterhead

1 x Truth or Drunk

1 x Beat That

1 x Drinkdrankdrunk

Giveaway ends X of X. UK only.

Get liking, tagging and sharing!

Giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram.

Helpful Links for a Drinking Board Game

Here are some links that I found useful when creating a Drinking Board Game:

Your Virtual Office London PO Box – a PO box so you don’t have to use your own house address.

Remove BG – A website that allows you to remove a background from a photo for free. Take a photo of your product, remove the background to add to sites like Etsy etc.

Wheel of Names – A tool that allows you to input names and pick a random winner which is especially good for giveaways and competitions.

Pixygames Blog – This detailed blog tells you everything you need to know about setting up a board game.

Stonemaier Games Kickstarter Blog – An extensive list of valuable information and experiences setting up a Kickstarter campaign.

Google Digital Garage – Google has an abundance of free courses available on it’s digital garage, the course Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is useful and as a bonus it includes a free Open University certificate.