Instagram Giveaway for a board game #3 insights

Save the Queen drinking board game giveaway #3 insights and learnings. Here are the details: Giveaway #3 was a joint drinking games venture, giving away 10 games from 5 drinking game businesses. The image was all the games and ‘Game Bundle Giveaway ‘ in the middle of the picture. In the text it expressed 10Continue reading “Instagram Giveaway for a board game #3 insights”

Instagram Promoted Giveaway #2 Insights

Save the Queen Drinking Game giveaway #2 insights and learnings below. Here are the details: Giveaway #2 was a collaboration between Save the Queen and Gibbos Games. The image had the title of Panvalencake Day Giveaway, the day between valentines and pancake day. Under the title was an image of the 3 games that wereContinue reading “Instagram Promoted Giveaway #2 Insights”

Instagram Promoted Giveaway #1 Insights

Save the Queen Drinking Game giveaway #1 insights and learnings below. Here are the details: Giveaway #1 was a purple background with the board and the 2 instructions (follow & comment) of what was needed to enter the giveaway and win a free game. I did this so when the promoted post was seen itContinue reading “Instagram Promoted Giveaway #1 Insights”

Generic Market Research for a drinking board game

This is a list of initial pointers that could be taken into account when setting up a drinking board game. Acquire insights from giveaways and Competitions, you may receive 100 followers but will those followers engage and ultimately buy your product? Do or Drink have a card in their box requesting to take a photoContinue reading “Generic Market Research for a drinking board game”

Instagram Techniques for a Drinking Board Game

Here is a list of Instagram Techniques I have picked up from my Drinking Board Game Save the Queen. Always do at least 2 photos on a post, this will give you double exposure. If the viewer does not swipe to second photo Instagram may resurface showing the second photo later down the homepage. 2.Continue reading “Instagram Techniques for a Drinking Board Game”

Giveaway and Competition tips and ideas

A list of quick tips, tricks and ideas: Do giveaways Monday to Friday, 5 days is a short enough deadline to look forward to and encourages urgency. Insights indicate that weekends show low impression rate, potentially people are doing things and not scrolling Instagram. Put a deadline in the title, this clearly shows the giveaway/competitionContinue reading “Giveaway and Competition tips and ideas”

20 tips on how to make a board game

Know that you probably won’t make any money. Set a realistic timeframe then add 6 months to it. Form follows function. Buy what you need to make a prototype. Friends and family have skills and contacts. Get used to writing notes. Playtest your game constantly. Get open feedback. Listen to criticism and develop. Nail theContinue reading “20 tips on how to make a board game”

Setting up a Social Media Calendar

*Update: I now post daily to TikTok, I redistribute that video to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts to cover those areas. I will post one Instagram Story a day and will create an Instagram post once a week. A calendar that helps you schedule your posts in advance. This is what I use for weeklyContinue reading “Setting up a Social Media Calendar”

Save the Queen Kickstarter Stretch Goals

List of potential ideas for Kickstarter Stretch Goals: Quality of material upgrade, waterproof cards Addition of a branded Queens Cup Purple Dice instead of white Addition of branded Beermats Addition of bunting/flag Addition of Queen mask Addition branded bottle opener Addition of branded coaster bottle opener

TikTok Ideas for a Drinking Board Game

A list of potential videos to create on TikTok: Showing the game, unboxing – use tripod, stop motion, Board game tests alcohol proof cards and board how to play match box drinking game – explain this game how to play save the queen drinking game – explain game how to play ride the bus drinkingContinue reading “TikTok Ideas for a Drinking Board Game”